EDC406 - Assessment, Methods & Materials for Teaching in Special Ed.

This course involves learning techniques for teaching and assessing students with special needs both in and out of the general education environment. Class sessions will be devoted to lectures, demonstrations, discussions, audio-visual material, and topics of particular interest within the area of assessment. Course content will focus on learners (PK through adults) who are not experiencing success within the standard academic situation and on identified special needs students in need of (re)evaluation. Students are expected to become familiar with standardized assessments, interpretation of evaluation data, and acquire an understanding of regulations governing the assessment and evaluation process. Students will demonstrate an understanding of laws, regulations, and ethical concerns related to services for special needs students and regular education students relating to assessment and evaluation. Students will become proficient in communicating assessment data fluently through oral and written forms. Students will use information relating to child and adolescent development to develop instructional recommendations and ensure appropriate assessment application. Knowledge of Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks will be used to construct and evaluate authentic classroom assessment(s). Application of evaluative information to the IEP process will addressed as related to determination of special education eligibility criteria as outlined in Massachusetts and federal regulations and construction of IEP elements. Course participants will be proficient in the areas of: identifications of Specific Learning Disabilities using methodology outlined in current State regulations. Field experience is required.

PREREQUISITE(S): enrollment in graduate education program, EDC521

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