EDC471 - Practicum in Guidance Counseling

The purpose of the practicum is to provide a culminating experience for the student in the School Guidance program in a school. The student is offered an opportunity to apply skills gained from course work in actual practice of guidance counseling. The student works under the direct supervision of a licensed guidance counselor with the assistance of a college advisor. The advisor helps the student to develop appropriate goals, to effectively use interpersonal skills, and to determine the areas to be further developed. Periodic meetings are scheduled with students and the college advisor as part of the practicum experience. The duration of the practicum is 450 clock hours, for which three credits are awarded. The clinical experience is a continuation of the practicum and builds upon the experience. At this point, the student is employable as a guidance counselor and works independently with school mentorship and college supervision. The clinical experience is 600 clock hours, for which six credits are awarded.

PREREQUISITE(S): all prior coursework in program, passage of Communication and Literacy MTELs, GPA of 3.0, and approval of school district and AIC's Office of Field Experience.

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