EDC547 - Teaching Children's and Adolescent Literature

This course involves a general study of the field of literature for children and adolescents, grades K-12, in addition to promoting students' love of reading. Research theory related to engaging struggling or reluctant readers and increasing accessibility to literature for English language learners will be reviewed and applied while working on projects. Critical criteria for selection of picture books, multi-cultural literature and books from different genres will be studied. Texts will be discussed in terms of genre, literary elements, author's craft, cultural themes and integration into the curriculum. Foundational knowledge from EDC498 and EDC545 related to English language learners, struggling readers and writers, comprehension, vocabulary, and using assessment data to determine reading level will be applied when discussing all topics. Emphasis will be placed on the integration of pairing expository texts with fiction and embedding instruction in reading comprehension strategies, while exploring literature. Multi-cultural curriculum projects will require students to use Universal Design and to synthesize knowledge gained in current and prior courses. 21'st Century inquiry and technological skills will be employed while utilizing website and Web 2.0 tools to deepen K-12 students' engagement with text.

PREREQUISITE(S): EDC498, EDC545, and enrollment in the graduate education program

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