EDU884 - Positive Organizational Scholarship

Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS) focuses on the organic whole of leadership practices from a perspective of positive thinking. This course will challenge students to engage in the core topics and foundational theories of POS and positive psychology, and to investigate their interface. Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS) investigates collective and emergent processes of optimal functioning, at the levels of individual in organization, groups in organizations, and organizations as a whole. POS focuses on the generative dynamics in organizing that enable individuals and collective resilience, thriving, creativity compassion, and other indicators of human function. POS is not one particular theory; it does draw from the full spectrum of organizational theories. Positive psychology is a movement that challenges the field of psychology. It does not draw from the old model of deficient but instead encourages research on strengths, on building the best things in leadership practices as well as repairing the worst.


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