IBS380 - International Business Capstone Course

This is a senior-level international business capstone course. The course objective is to provide seniors with a comprehensive course to review their knowledge and understanding of international business theories, concepts, and principles, and their relationship to one another. The student will develop a system-level model of a U.S. manufacturing company entering the international marketplace with the goal of becoming a multinational enterprise. The company will identify a region of the world and a specific country within that region. The U.S. company will go through the various stages of market entry. Collaborative arrangements like joint venture, licensing, and foreign production can be employed in the model. The foreign production operation will be used to market to other countries within the region with the long-term objective of marketing globally. The model will be interactive with submodels, controlled scenarios, and computer simulations to create a real world international business environment.

PREREQUISITE(S): Senior IBS status or permission of the instructor

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