ISM398 - Internship

This course allows international studies majors to deepen their understanding of international affairs by pursuing an internship with a governmental or non-governmental organization that works in an international field. They will be required to work a regular number of hours (usually 10) each week during the semester. Besides fulfilling the expectations of their on-site supervisors, they must also write regular reports for their faculty supervisor. This course is offered every semester. It also may be taken over the summer if the internship opportunity is located outside of the greater Springfield area. In this case, it is expected that the participant will work a full-time schedule covering at least several weeks for their sponsoring institution. Students may take it only once for academic credit.

PREREQUISITES: Majors or minors only, junior or senior standing. Internship must be arranged at least one semester in advance with the sponsoring institution and be approved by the director of the international studies program.

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