OTR816 - Occupational Therapy Process: Mental Health

This course is designed to apply knowledge of behavioral and psychosocial development to the practice of occupational therapy with adolescents and adults who exhibit psychosocial dysfunction affecting occupational performance. Students will apply an occupation-based and client-centered approach to evaluation and intervention in a variety of occupational therapy practice contexts including hospital settings, rehabilitation centers, mental health programs, and work, community, and home-based settings. Theoretical perspectives that integrate person, environment, and occupation will be stressed as a foundation for understanding psychosocial pathology in young to aging adult populations. Research evidence from journal articles will supplement the text material to identify the most effective assessments and interventions currently available in the arena of mental health. Students will synthesize knowledge gained from developed competencies in conducting basic evaluation and intervention planning to utilize clinical reasoning/problem solving in the appropriate selection and analysis of assessment data, the setting of effective intervention goals and objectives, and the selection of appropriate treatment media and activities to enhance occupational performance. Level I Fieldwork with adult clients with psychosocial disabilities will be provided to permit students to apply classroom learning to real-life clinical experience.


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