OTR896 - Level II Fieldwork

The Level II Fieldwork assignments provide students with the opportunity to apply an academically acquired body of knowledge to an in-depth clinical experience in the delivery of occupational therapy services to clients and their families or caregivers. The OT student practitioner (OTS), as evaluated by AOTA's Fieldwork Performance Evaluation for the Occupational Therapy Student will demonstrate competencies in: fundamentals of practice, basic tenets, evaluation and screening, intervention, management of occupational therapy services, communication, and professional behaviors. Students will be graded on a pass/fail basis. Level II Fieldwork sites are frequently at a distance from the College and/or the student's home. Student preferences for site selection will be taken into consideration but there is no guarantee that the preferences will be granted. Students are required to accept and to attend the fieldwork placements as assigned to them by the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator. Students are responsible for assuming all costs associated with travel to and from all sites, as well as transportation, food, housing and personal health insurance. Students selecting a fieldwork site that requires a supervision fee are required to assume personal financial responsibility. Completion of Level II Fieldwork will not exceed one year from the end of didactic course work unless approved by the program director.

PREREQUISITE(S): All 800 level OTR courses through OTR885

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