THR105 - Theater Workshop I

Theater Workshop I is the first of three courses under the theater workshop designation. This course is an introduction to the play development process. Students can assume the duties of an actor, crew technician, crew costumer and crew props master. Students will be encouraged to work out of their areas of interest to work instead in the areas they know little about. As this section of Theater Workshop is meant for the student who is newly engaging theater each student will be working as an assistant and or supporting player in the process. This course is structured like a crew and company at a professional theater in that hierarchy is of great importance. There will be a lead in each area of study and the students in Theater Workshop I will assist and or apprentice under the more experienced theater students. In addition to other assigned work each student will write a formal evaluation of their work at the end of the semester. Students can take this course for 1, 2, or 3 credits depending on their credit load that semester. Each students work hours in the course will correlate with the credit(s) they are taking. Students can take this course for up to three credits.


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