THR305 - Theater Workshop

Theater Workshop III is the third of three courses under the theater workshop designation. This course is an advanced course and is meant for students who have taken Theater Workshop I and II. Students can assume roles in the leadership in the production including working as the Set designer, Costume designer, Stage Manager, Publicity Director, Lighting Designer, Make Up designer and upper level acting student. Students will be expected to lead by example for the students working with them making up their crews and apprentice groups. Students in Theater Workshop III must be prepared to take on leadership roles that give them the opportunity to experience the level of work and commitment needed to perform such duties in the real world of the professional theater. Students in this course must also have a focus in terms of their area of study within the course and it must correlate with something they have worked with in the past in the other theater workshop courses.

PREREQUISITE(S): THR205 or permission of the instructor.

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