THR399 - Directing

This course is focused on the fundamentals of directing for the theater. This culminating experience should be taken during a student's senior year. The basic fundamentals of directing will be covered including staging, styles of directing, history of directing, text analysis, scene study, directing theory, working with actors and development of a prompt book. Students will choose one scene to direct for the mid-term exam and a one act play that they must direct as part of a one act play festival that will culminate at the end of each semester in which this course is offered for a final exam. Students will be given examples of each major fundamental and will be given multiple writing and reading assignments. There will also be a series of workshops during class time that will engage students in physical development of stage pictures and will allow them time to rehearse their approach to actors in the formal rehearsal process. Student actors can be used from the Fundamentals of Acting and Styles of Acting courses.

PREREQUISITE(S): THR202, THR203, THR205, and senior standing.

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