Degree Requirements

This concentration focuses on developing understanding of adult learning and the implications for professional practice. Regardless of role and formal job description, all institutional leaders must interact with adults, and an understanding of the developmental tasks of personal and career cycles is essential. Knowing how to motivate individuals, support them through times of change, and encourage risks that lead to positive transformation will be studied. Program content is designed to stimulate thinking about how to promote growth and transformation in one's own life and with others. The following coursework comprises this degree:

Program Common Core Requirements: (12 credits)

  • Advanced Human Growth and Development
  • Advanced Social and Cultural Foundations
  • Promoting Personal and Institutional Resiliency
  • Collaboration, Colleagueship & Reflective Practice

Common Core Research Requirements: (15 credits)

  • Research and Program Evaluation
  • Survey of Research Methods in the Social Domain
  • Individualized Research Design
  • Dissertation Research I, Dissertation Research II

Concentration Specific Core Requirements: (15 credits)

  • Adult Learning, Motivation, and Transformation
  • Organizational Theory and Development
  • Interpersonal and Institutional Communication
  • Leadership, Creativity and Change
  • Individual and Institutional Ethics

Program Wide Requirements: (15 credits)

  • Professional Portfolio
  • Dissertation I
  • Dissertation II
  • Dissertation III
  • Applied Field Work/Internship

Electives: 15 credits

With faculty permission, students choose from among concentration requirements that they have not previously taken, or from a list of electives. This is a sample of some electives to be offered:

  • Advanced Professional Orientation and Ethics
  • Advanced Theory and Practice of Career and Lifestyle Development
  • Organizational and Human Flourishing
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Human Resource Management in Organizations and Institutions
  • Individual and Institutional Ethics
  • Leadership and Politics in Organizations
  • Individuals and Groups in Organizations
  • Directed Study (with faculty permission)*
  • Advanced Appraisal (Tests and Measurements for Individuals and Groups)
  • Advanced Counseling Theory and Practice (Helping Relationships)
  • Advanced Group Work- Theory and Methodology

Total credits: 72

* Students are allowed to develop, under faculty supervision, courses to individualize their overall program of study

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