Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the major theories of human development across the lifespan.
  • Be able to articulate a personal theory of best practice in stimulating and promoting critical thinking, personal growth, and transformation within one's chosen population of practice.
  • Be able to articulate, verbally and in writing, the major theories of human motivation.
  • Be able to articulate strategies to work effectively in a variety of team situations including virtual teams, cross-functional task forces, and teams with members of diverse backgrounds
  • Understand the theories of effective communication within institutions
  • Discuss the role that culture plays in communications
  • Be able to identify one's own preferred styles of communications, including strengths and weaknesses, as they relate to professional practice within one's chosen community of practice.
  • Be able to articulate verbally and in writing the philosophical, historical, political, theoretical, and practice underpinnings of Organizational Development as a core area of practice within the field of Individual and Institutional Development
  • Be able to critically reflect upon various philosophies, theories, and methodologies and develop a personal perspective about the relevance, appropriateness, and potential of OD theory and application in one's community of practice.
  • Understand the different theories of organizational leadership, including strategies for sustaining creativity and renewal in organizations.
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