Degree Requirements

Program Common Core Requirements: (12 credits)

  • Advanced Human Growth and Development
  • Advanced Social and Cultural Foundations
  • Promoting Personal and Institutional Resiliency
  • Collaboration, Colleagueship & Reflective Practice

Common Core Research Requirements: (15 credits)

  • Research and Program Evaluation
  • Survey of Research Methods in the Social Domain
  • Individualized Research Design
  • Dissertation Research I, Dissertation Research II

Concentration Specific Core Requirements: (15 credits)

  • Psychology Systems and Theories
  • Advanced Theories of Learning and Behavior
  • Advanced Abnormal Psychology
  • Principles of Psychological Assessment
  • Advanced Counseling Theories and Practice

Program Wide Requirements: (15 credits)

  • Professional Portfolio
  • Dissertation I
  • Dissertation II
  • Dissertation III
  • Applied Field Work/Internship

Electives: 15 credits

With faculty permission, students choose from among concentration requirements that they have not previously taken, or from a list of electives. This is a sample of some electives to be offered:

  • Advanced Topics in Adult Development
  • Advanced Topics in Child and Adolescent Development
  • Advanced Topics in Emotional Development
  • Advanced Topics in Theories of Personality
  • Advanced Topics in Family Therapy
  • Advanced Topics in Group Therapy
  • Nutrition and Emotional Wellness Connections
  • Psychology of Wellness Applications
  • Psychology of Mind/Body Connections
  • Developmental Nutrition: Lifelong Considerations for Optimal Wellness
  • Clinical Pharmacology: Considerations for Health and Wellness
  • Advanced Topics in Psychological Assessment Theories and Methods
  • Principles of Brain Based Learning
  • Biological Psychology and Biological Basis of Behavior
  • Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Functions
  • Directed Study (with faculty permission)*

Total credits: 72

* Students are allowed to develop, under faculty supervision, courses to individualize their overall program of study

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