Degree Requirements

The common core courses for the Doctor of Education in Teaching and Learning include 18 credits in more general requirements, 15 credits specific to research, 15 credits specific to the concentration and 24 credits of electives.

They are broken down as follows.

Common Core Requirements (18 credits)

  • EDU7751: Ethics in Educational Practice
  • EDU7752: Inclusive Leadership
  • EDU7762: Social and Cultural Influences in Education
  • EDU7753: Adult Development and Transformation
  • EDU7550: Individual and Institutional Change
  • EDU7760: Reflective Practice, Mentoring, and Professional Self-Renewal

Common Core Research Requirements (15 credits)

  • EDU9980: Educational Research Methods
  • EDU9981: Action Research for Educators
  • EDU9982: Individualized Research Design
  • EDU9559: Dissertation Research (6 credits)

Concentration Requirements (15 Credits)

Aside from the shared core courses and electives, students in the Teaching and Learning major have to take 15 credits worth of program-specific coursework.

  • EDU8850: Teaching in a Diverse Society
  • EDU8851: Interaction of Classroom Management and Instruction
  • EDU8852: Educational Implications of Learning and Developmental Theories
  • EDU8853: Thinking About Teaching
  • EDU8860: Advanced Curriculum Practices and Models

Sample Electives (choose 24 credits)

  • EDU8880: Resiliency Theory in Educational Settings
  • EDU8881: Teacher as Leader
  • EDU8882: Collaborative Models of School-Parent Interaction
  • EDU8883: Brain-Based Ways of Thinking and Learning
  • EDU8863: Positive Organizational Scholarship
  • EDU8840: Global Education
  • EDU8841: Educational Technology
  • EDU8862: Human Resource for Educational Leaders
  • EDU8860: Advanced Curriculum Practices and Models
  • EDU8850: Teaching in a Diverse Society


All students will conduct original research and produce a five-chapter dissertation as part of their academic program. While some students may be more interested in qualitative studies, using such methods as interviews or case studies, other may want to do a statistical study; students work with their advisors to determine their research method and design, after experiencing residency workshops in different research methods. The last year of study is primarily devoted to the dissertation, with 6 of the 18 credits awarded for the actual dissertation research and 9 awarded for the writing and approval of the dissertation. The dissertation culminates in a Final Presentation in which students share their design, findings, and recommendations with faculty and peers.

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