Faculty & Staff

Cathy Dow-Royer, Ed.D., OTR/L - Associate Professor and Director of the Occupational Therapy Program. Dr. Dow-Royer earned her undergraduate degree in occupational therapy at the University of Illinois, and her doctorate in higher education administration from the University of Massachusetts. She has over 34 years of experience as a practicing clinician, including 12 years as the owner of a private hand therapy practice. Dr. Dow-Royer began her academic career at AIC in 1998 and has provided leadership during two successful program accreditations, as well as the curriculum transition from a bachelor to a master's level professional program. In addition to her administrative responsibilities, she teaches the research series courses and guest lectures on topics such as splinting and modalities. Research interests include the influence of academic departments on faculty scholarship in occupational therapy and interprofessional education in non-medical school settings.

Patricia Meyers, OTD, OTR/L - Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy Dr. Meyers received a BS in Occupational Therapy from Boston University and a Post-Professional Doctorate in Occupational Therapy from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions. Her areas of instruction are in the subjects of kinesiology, introduction to occupational therapy, adaptive technology and adult physical disabilities. These reflect her interest in the history, philosophy and current research in the profession. She has extensive clinical experience treating clients in the area of upper extremity outpatient orthopedics and cumulative trauma disorders, specializing in industrial rehabilitation as well as industrial and office ergonomics.

Marilyn Micka-Pickunka, Ed.D., OTR/L - Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy Dr. Marilyn Micka-Pickunka earned a degree in occupational therapy at Quinnipiac University, and her doctorate in education, policy, research and administration from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. Her teaching responsibilities reflect her passion for health and wellness promotion for adults living with physical limitations. As an owner of a private practice, Marilyn works with clients and their families to provide optimal occupational therapy service that is based on current evidence. Since she is practicing OT and teaching concurrently, students are involved in case study analysis of "real time" clients and community based health promotion programs. As an assignment for one of her courses, students design a creative and engaging fall prevention program at a low-income housing complex in Springfield and the OT students make a difference in the lives of older adults who want to stay in their homes! Scholarly interests include community service learning that involves a team of students from different disciplines in the School of Health Sciences.

Judith Stinson, MS, OTR/L - Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy. With more than 35 years of experience as an OT in various school, community and medical settings, Judith continues to be excited by the versatility of her profession and its ability to evolve in response to societal needs. Her current teaching responsibilities include the integrated Fieldwork/Service Delivery courses, the Fieldwork Seminar course and mentoring student research. In her role as Academic Fieldwork Coordinator, she develops level I and II fieldwork partnerships in clinical and community settings throughout the country and serves as academic liaison to clinicians. She is secretary of the New England Occupational Therapy Education Council and has presented on fieldwork education at the state and national level.

Judith's academic interests include emerging areas of practice, such as the role of OT in global health and occupational justice among disadvantaged populations. She is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist, and in her free time runs a therapeutic gardening program at a nursing home and is a volunteer instructor at a local correctional facility. Judith received her Bachelor and Master's degrees in Occupational Therapy from Boston University and has worked at AIC since 1998.

Allison Sullivan, CAGS, MS, OTR/L - Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy. Allison holds a degree in Fine Arts from Amherst College, an MS in Occupational Therapy and a CAGS in Healthcare Administration from Springfield College. Her teaching responsibilities include psychosocial aspects of the development of occupations, therapeutic group processes, and psychosocial occupational therapy practice. Her clinical experience includes director and founder of S&S Therapy Services for Children, LLP providing treatment, supervision, training and consultation for students, teachers, and therapists in more than 20 public school systems in MA. Her innovative programs have received commendations from the MA Department of Education. Allison's research interests include evidence-based practice, motor enhanced curriculum instruction, and therapeutic use of yoga in occupational therapy practice.

Sarah Waters, MS, OTR/L - Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy. Sarah Waters is an assistant professor who graduated with an MSOT degree from American International College’s occupational therapy program in 2008. Professor Waters began her professional career working with infants and young children with disabilities and their families. In 2011, Sarah earned a Certification in Early Intervention Services (CEIS). Her experience with the birth to three population includes the development and implementation of multiple programs including an aquatics program, an assistive technology loan program, and a sensory integration program that was designed specifically for disciplines other than occupational therapy. Most recently, Sarah has acquired experience working with adults with physical and mental disabilities in a skilled nursing facility. In this setting, she was responsible for orthotics training, custom wheelchair fitting, and cognitive retraining for individuals with dementia. Professor Waters' enthusiasm for the profession of occupational therapy began when she was a child, evolved through her experience in clinical practice, and is in evidence today in her innovative approach to teaching in the areas of pediatrics, activity analysis, foundations and assistive technologies. Sarah is currently pursuing a PhD in OT at Nova Southeastern University. Scholarly interests include: connecting academia to practice, and facilitating the use of research-based, evidence-driven occupational therapy interventions in practice.

Christine A. Johnson, MS - Assistant Academic Fieldwork Coordinator and Instructor. Christine graduated from Wayne State University, Detroit, MI in 2011 with an MS degree in Occupational Therapy. She began her career working for a large hospital system where she gained clinical experience in many areas including inpatient rehabilitation, acute care and intensive care (neonatal & pediatric). Christine has experience as an occupational therapist in a school system where she worked with preschool and elementary school children with Autism, and most recently expanded her clinical practice skills to include work in a skilled nursing facility. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in occupational therapy at Nova Southeastern University in Florida. Christine's scholarship interests include the areas of generational leadership and the use of animals in occupational therapy practice.

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