Career Opportunities

Value of a Bachelor's degree:

  • In 2012 dollars, the median salary among full-time workers in this age category was $45,500 for people with a bachelor's degree or more whereas workers with a two-year degree or some college earned an average of $30,000.*
  • The unemployment rate for people with a bachelor's degree or more was 3.8% while the rate for those with a two-year degree or some college was 8.1%.*
  • Holders of an associate's degree or those with some college education were more than twice as likely to be living in poverty than people with a bachelor degree or more (14.7% compared with 5.8%;).*
  • The Institute for Higher Education Policy (1998) found college graduates enjoy more hobbies and leisure activities, a higher level of savings, improved quality of life for their families, greater personal and professional mobility, and more sophisticated consumer decision making.
  • Rowley and Hurtado (2002) concluded that individuals with a collegiate degree tend to be more rational, cultured, open-minded, consistent, and less authoritarian. These characteristics were found to be passed on to their offspring and to subsequent generations.
  • The benefits to society from the college educated population include higher tax revenues, better workplace productivity, increased consumption, greater workforce flexibility, and decreased reliance on government financial support (Institute for Higher Education Policy, 1998).

* Pew Research Center, 2014

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