Program requirements

Major Requirements

  • ENG3400: Advanced American Literature I
  • ENG3410: Advanced American Literature II
  • HST1510: United States History I (to 1877)
  • HST1520: United States History II (since 1877)
  • ECO1400: Introduction to American Politics
  • POL2400: State and Local Government
  • POL3700: American Political Thought
  • ASM4800: American Studies Seminar (repeatable every semester but at least one per year for a minimum of three completions)

Plus at least four additional courses from the following:

  • Any of the courses listed above but not taken as a requirement above
  • Any literature or cultural study offered under the auspices of the Department of Modern Languages and related to multicultural studies in the U.S.

Elective Courses

  • ECO1401: Principles of Economics I or
    ECO1402: Principles of Economics II
  • ENG2520: African-American Literature
  • ENG3200: Topics in Literature, when topic is American literature
  • HST3500: The Supreme Court in American History
  • POL2420: Presidency and Congress
  • POL2620: Public Law
  • POL2630: Civil Liberties
  • POL2450: Political Parties
  • POL2500: Presidential Election: Strategies, Tactics, and Issues
  • POL3400: Public Administration
  • POL3402: American Foreign Policy
  • SOC3243: Race and Ethnic Relations
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