The department offers both the major and minor in Communication, as well as a major in New Media communications.

The mission of the Communication department is to prepare students to successfully navigate a changing world. Communication students are grounded in liberal arts and taught a broad understanding of the field with a depth of knowledge in theory and practice. We seek to engender in our students social awareness, ethical and moral concern and a range of communication, analytical, and creative and technological competencies that prepares them to shape a technologically and culturally diverse world, engage in lifelong learning, and achieve personal and professional success.

New Media

A specific credential providing students with knowledge of emerging technology and the skills necessary to produce content for convergent media. Students explore new media such as - webcasting, mobile phone content, iPhone applications, animation, virtual reality - and create digital content able to move seamlessly through media streams.

Content in the Curriculum

Communication students are required to participate in Content Across the Curriculum whereby students in non-theoretical courses are required to participate in five (5) outside productions for each course. For example, Journalism students will be required to write five (5) articles for the Yellow Jacket; Video students will be required to participate in five (5) webcasts. These activities are scheduled on The Production Board and administered by the Chair. Student activity is accessed and feedback provided to the instructor on scheduling cards (one per student per assignment). The ultimate goal is for the student to assemble a detailed resume of projects as well as relevant work samples such as a video "reel," demo CD and writing and photographic samples.


The Yellow Jacket - Bi-weekly, color 16-24 page newspaper. C. 5000

Yellow Jacket Online - Daily version of The Yellow Jacket featuring latest world, national and local news as well as features like student blogs, International blogs and a virtual gallery of creative work

Scholastic Press Forum - Annual convention and competition for high school newspapers, newscasts, writers, artists and photographers

WAIC - 91.9

Due to renovation of the AIC Dining Commons Building WAIC has been temporarily relocated to Hines Hall.

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