Liberal Studies

The Liberal Studies degree program has been designed to meet two major objectives: to provide you with a solid introduction to the subject matter of each area, and to allow you (through judicious use of your electives) the flexibility to combine those studies with your vocational or avocational interests.

This joining of diverse fields of study is at the heart of the traditional liberal arts curriculum, which seeks to develop a broad information background, an ability to make sense out of a complex world, and to articulate clearly and succinctly one's thoughts to others, both orally and in written form.

This is intended for the student who wants a solid background in the liberal arts tradition - reading widely, writing extensively, and acquiring the habit of analytical and questioning thought. It is an invaluable basis for professional and technical training, some of which may be completed within the framework of the numerous electives available in this program. It is not a specifically vocational program, but it educates you so that you can do almost any kind of work with grace and intelligence.

In this degree program, you will complete a total of 60 credits of introductory courses in English, the Humanities, Science, the Social Sciences, and Concepts of Business Data Processing. In addition, you will select an 18-credit concentration in two Arts and Sciences disciplines, and complete the program with 42 credits of elective courses.

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