Program requirements

Major Requirements

Three literature courses, including:

  • One course in American literature: ENG2430 or ENG3400
  • One course in Western literature: ENG2410 or ENG2420
  • Any third course in literature

Two lab science courses, including:

  • One lab science course in the Physical sciences (CHE or PHY)
  • One lab science course in the Life sciences (BIO)

Four courses in the humanities, including:

  • One Philosophy course (usually PHI1000, Introduction to Critical Thinking)
  • One Art course (studio courses not eligible)
  • One Music course (studio courses not eligible)
  • One additional humanities course, including modern foreign language (studio courses not eligible)

Social science courses, including:

  • GEO110: World Economic Geography (non-Education majors may substitute any economics course)
  • HST1500: World History
  • ECO1400: Introduction to American Politics
  • PSY1401: General Psychology I
  • PSY1501: General Psychology II (required for Education majors only)
  • SOC1100: Introduction to Sociology

One Math course (usually MAT117, Elements of Mathematics)

Plus a minimum of 21 additional credit hours at the 300-level or any advanced level beyond the introductory courses, in any of the traditional liberal arts in which the college offers advanced courses (Biology, Chemistry, Economics, English, foreign language beyond the first-year level, History, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, or Statistics)

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