Learning Outcomes

  • Consumer and Organizational Behavior: Understand buyer behavior and how it serves as a foundation for creating marketing strategy.
  • Market Segmentation: Understand various bases of segmentation, how to evaluate the attractiveness of different segments, and various segmentation coverage strategies.
  • Product Positioning and Branding Strategies: Understand the concept of differentiation, positioning to create and enhance the perceived value of a brand, brand equity, and branding strategies.
  • Integrated Marketing Communications: Understand marketing communication strategy and gain a working knowledge of how to manage the promotional mix and other tools for IMC.
  • Pricing: Understand pricing strategies at both the brand and product line levels.
  • Channels of Distribution: Understand the use of distribution as a source of competitive advantage, the use of multiple channels of distribution, and managing the firm's supply chain.
  • Marketing Strategy: Understand strategic planning process (SWOT) and how to create a marketing plan.
  • Apply substantive knowledge to marketing situations (cases, scenarios) analytically.
  • Identify and understand latest trends in technology (hard and soft) affecting marketing (eg social networking, web 2.0, etc.).
  • Effectively produce, interpret, analyze written text, oral messages, and multimedia presentations used in business.

Skills and Competencies Table

CourseSkills and Competencies
MKT301 14810
MKT302 14810
MKT303 2368910
MKT304 23810
MKT305 1810
MKT307 910
MKT310 12345678
MKT313 35810
MKT315 7810
MKT316 12345810
MKT318 12345810
MKT350 4810
MKT395 8910
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