Political Science

Politics, said Aristotle, "is most truly the master science because of its decisive role in shaping human destiny." The discipline of political science, in contemporary times, remains committed to developing an appreciation of the duties of citizenship as well as inculcating the knowledge and skills associated with a liberal arts education, such as critical thinking, research, and writing.

The major program in political science provides students with a broad and critical understanding of the theoretical and functional aspects of political phenomena. Additionally, it seeks to foster an ethic of political participation at the local, national and global levels. To ensure a strong knowledge base, the Department offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes courses in the major areas of political science, namely American politics, comparative politics, international relations and political theory. Many political science majors complete internships at state or Congressional offices, law firms or in election campaigns.

Students intending to teach Political Science in secondary schools must have two majors (Political Science and Secondary Education) and work with advisors in each field.

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