Program Requirements

Theater Major

  • THR1400: Introduction to Theater
  • THR1420: Fundamentals of Acting
  • THR1430: Theater Workshop I (may be taken multiple times for 3 credits total)
  • THR2420: Styles of Acting
  • THR2500: Scene Study/Acting
  • THR2430: Theater Workshop II (may be taken multiple times for 3 credits total)
  • THR3210: Theater History I (Ancient Greeks–1750)
  • THR2610: Costume Design
  • THR2620: Play Production
  • THR3430: Theater Workshop III
  • THR3610: Theater History II (1750–Present)
  • THR4810: Directing

Choose one of the following

Plus a minimum of 9 credits from the following:

Theater Minor

The Theater Program at American International College currently offers a minor in theater arts and produces two productions each academic year. The theater program is growing and currently gives students a base understanding of theater arts through the current courses offered. Students are also given opportunities to apply what they have learned each semester in the current production based theater workshop courses. If interested in learning more about the theater minor click on the links.

And three Electives selected from the following:

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