Joint Admissions

AIC has joint admission agreements with many community colleges locally. The agreement stipulates the number of credits and grade point average that would qualify a student for joint admission.

The program makes for an easy transition from the two year college to AIC. This is accomplished by a specific joint admission application, scholarship money depending when you sign up for joint admissions, added advising times on the two year college campus, and preferred registration times.

Students who are eligible for joint admissions will complete the intent to enroll form as soon as they are considering AIC, and the participation form in lieu of the traditional application. There is no application fee required to complete either form. Students who have attended AIC are not eligible for the program.

Participating Colleges

Below is a list of the current JA colleges and the number of credits required to be completed at the two year college.

Asnuntuck Community College (60)
Participate | Enroll

Asnuntuck Community College (Health Sciences) (30)
Participate | Enroll

Berkshire Community College (60)
Participate | Enroll

Bermuda College (30)
Participate | Enroll

Greenfield Community College (30)
Participate | Enroll

Landmark College (30)
Participate | Enroll

Holyoke Community College (60)
Participate | Enroll

Quinsigamond Community College (30)
Participate | Enroll

Springfield Technical Community College (30)
Participate | Enroll

Joint Admissions Scholarships

Up to two years at the community college $4,000/yr*
After two years at the community college $3,000/yr*

*Based on full-time undergraduate status; 12 credits/semester at AIC.

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