Jenna Stolarik

Degree(s) Held and from what Institution(s):

Bachelors of Science in Business Management and Human Resources from Bridgewater State University. I am also currently working on my Master's degree in Counseling at AIC.

Two sentences summarizing you, and your experience at AIC:

I was exposed to college admissions as a freshman in college when I began working as a tour guide at BSC. I loved working with the prospective students and sharing with each one of them why college is so important and so much fun. After graduation, my goal was to become an admissions counselor, so I would be able to continue sharing my love of college and the rite of passage it is for so many individuals. AIC has given me this opportunity and I am loving every second of it!

What I love about American International College:

I love that AIC is focused on the individual as a whole. Every student is unique and brings something new and important to the college. Whether you are at an athlete or a business major, you will always feel welcome and at home at AIC.

Why I love being an admissions counselor:

I love being an admissions counselor because I love that each day I am able to connect with people who are beginning the most exciting and awesome part of their educational career. Attending college allows you to grow as an individual and learn about who you are as a person, friend, daughter, and contributing part of society.

Favorite book:

Anything with a mystery.

Favorite movie:

Finding Nemo

Favorite musician:

Rascal Flatts

Favorite vacation destination:

Cape Cod, MA

Something you might not know about me:

I have lived all over the east coast. From New York to Georgia and a few states in between. It has made me the well-rounded person I am today.

When I'm not at work, I can be found:

Outside, with my dog Izzy.

Favorite part of living in this area:

Fall! I love when the leaves change color and the smell that’s in the air.

Favorite quote:

"When you can’t control the direction of the wind, adjust your sails." –H. Jackson Brown

Favorite college memory:

I have so many, but the top three would be meeting my best friend at freshmen orientation (we’re still best friends…she was the maid of honor at my wedding), becoming a sister of Gamma Phi Beta, and working as a tour guide for BSC.

Favorite childhood memory:

I always wanted a dog for as long as I can remember. On my eighth birthday my parents brought me to an animal shelter, and I met my best friend, a black lab puppy who I named Frances.

Name a person alive or deceased that you would like to meet and why:

My great grandfather, Anillo Milo. I have so many questions for him about what life was like and why he decided to come to this country.

One thing you could not live without:

My family.

If I won the lottery I would:

Travel somewhere amazing! I would love to go to Italy and travel all over Europe.

What's on my playlist:

"My Kinda Party" Jason Aldean, "Red" Taylor Swift, "Happy" Pharrell, "Let it go" Frozen Soundtrack, "Banjo" Rascal Flatts, "Come Back Song" Darius Rucker

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