Jillian Albert

Degree(s) Held and from what Institution(s):

Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from Westfield State University

Two sentences summarizing you, and your experience at AIC:

I was exposed to the idea of working at AIC back in high school after I learned that my guidance counselor worked here. My senior year of college I did my practicum in the guidance department (oddly enough my mentor also worked in admissions at AIC) at a local high school and I loved seeing the excitement on students faces after receiving acceptance letters. When I first graduated from college I thought I wanted to be a mental health counselor (with the dream of working at AIC always lingering in the back of my mind). I quickly found out that I wasn't quite on the right path and decided higher education was where I belong!

What I love about American International College:

I love that AIC is focused on building a strong sense of community on its campus. Whether you are at an athletic event or walking from one building to another, you always feel welcome. I also love how invested AIC is in their students and employees. Things are always changing and evolving for the better (like our new admissions office, for example). Come check it out! :)

Why I love being an admissions counselor:

I love being an admissions counselor because I love being that first point of contact for a prospective student. The personal connection that I have the opportunity to make with a student is the best part of my job. Just the other day I was walking to my car and a student stopped me and thanked me for all my help and told me how happy they are here. That makes coming to work worth it every single day.

Favorite book:

The Help, by Kathryn Stockett

Favorite movie:

I can't pick just one, so:

Goodwill Hunting
The Notebook

Favorite musician:

Also can't pick just one:

The Lumineers
Luke Bryan/Jason Aldean/Lady Antebellum (they are tied)
Justin Timberlake/Bruno Mars (also tied)

Favorite vacation destination:

Newport, Rhode Island

Something you might not know about me:

My stepfather was in the military and until college I never went to the same school for more than 3 years. It has made me very diverse and well-rounded!

Favorite part of living in this area:

The four seasons and the Big E!

Favorite quote:

"Believe in yourselves, try, dream. Do good" – The one and only Mr. Feeny

When I'm not at work, I can be found:

Outside, probably with my dogs, or in sweatpants on my couch

Favorite college memory:

I have so many, but the two that really stick out are spring break in Florida with all my closest college friends and doing an independent study on relaxation techniques in relation to stress, pain, and illness.

Favorite childhood memory:

When I was a child my aunt and uncle had a campground in their backyard. We had a live band there just about every night. My dad used to always take me on the dance floor when they would sing "brown-eyed girl" by Van Morrison. I would stand on his feet and he would spin me all around the dance floor.

Name a person alive or deceased that you would like to meet and why:

John F. Kennedy. I did a research project on him in high school and it was the most interesting project I have ever worked on. I got really involved in the conspiracies around his death and I have so many questions for him!

One thing you could not live without:

My family, my friends, and my dogs….Oh and anything with cheese

Favorite hobby:

My favorite hobbies are hiking, watching football, going on mini vacations and adventures, and listening to music

If I won the lottery I would:

First of all, I would definitely pay off my student loans, travel somewhere exciting, and buy a house with a lot of land where I would foster dogs and find them safe homes.

What's on my playlist:

Here's just a few of many:

"Stubborn Love" The Lumineers "The Scientist" Coldplay "Crash My Party" Luke Bryan "Mr. Jones," Counting Crows "Royals" Lorde

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