Freshman FAQs

Q. What makes AIC an "International" college?

A. AIC was founded in 1885 for the purpose of educating international immigrants who were coming to America through New York. Our goal was to give them an education that would help them build successful lives and pursue the dreams that they came to America with. Today, AIC has students from over 25 different countries and 25 different US states. We stay true to our international roots by embracing the different cultures, languages, and religions that our students bring to campus with them. From our International Week to our heritage based clubs, AIC proudly celebrates its diversity in new ways every year!

Q. What kinds of scholarships do you offer?

A. AIC offers a variety of athletic and academic scholarships. Our athletic teams have scholarship money available to distribute to recruited students. All athletic scholarships are determined by the coaches and not the Admissions Office. Not an athlete? Not to worry. AIC offers an academic merit scholarship to each accepted student. Scholarship amounts range from $7,500 to $15,000 and stay with students for four years as long as they remain in good academic standing at AIC. For example, a student that receives the $15,000 Presidential Merit Scholarship will save a total of $60,000 during his or her time at AIC. These merit scholarships are based on each student's cumulative GPA in high school and the SAT or ACT score. At AIC, we believe in rewarding our students for their hard work and achievement in high school and we do this by investing in their education right from the beginning.

Q. I took some college courses in high school. Does that make me a transfer student?

A. As long as you have not earned more than 12 credits at a college or university, you will be considered a freshman applicant. AP and IB credits are not included as part of the 12 credits because you are taking the courses as part of your high school curriculum. Similarly, taking dual enrollment courses through your high school and earning college credits would still make you a freshman applicant.

Q. Do you accept AP and IB credit?

A. If you did the work in high school, then you deserve some credit! If you took an AP course and received a 3 or higher on the AP exam, then you will receive 3 credits that will be added to your AIC transcript when you enroll. Depending on the AP course that you took, it may be able to substitute a General Education Requirement or an Elective. For IB courses, AIC will award up to 6 credits for each IB course taken at the higher level as long as you receive a score of 4 or higher. A maximum of 30 credits may be granted. As with the AP courses, IB courses may be able to substitute a General Education Requirement or an Elective.

Q. What are AIC's school codes?

A. Get those sharpened #2 pencils and calculators ready: it's time to take the SATs or the ACTs and complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)! To have your SAT scores or your FAFSA sent to AIC, you will need our school codes. Our SAT school code is 3002 and our FAFSA code is 002114.

Q. I played a sport in high school. How can I get involved in athletics at AIC?

A. Whether you were voted MVP or Best Sportsmanship or if you just like to toss the football around once in a while, AIC has an athletic option for you! AIC has 19 NCAA Division II teams and even an NCAA Division I Ice Hockey team. If you are interested in joining one of our athletic teams, contact the coach by checking out our website at We also have club teams for Rugby, Cheerleading, and Baseball. They may not be part of the NCAA, but they are just as competitive and you still get to compete against teams from other colleges! Looking to play something recreationally? We have many intramural sports available all throughout the year ranging from touch football to bowling.

Q. Is housing guaranteed for all undergraduate students?

A. We do, in fact, have guaranteed housing for all undergraduate students. AIC has many styles of residence halls to suit every student's needs. The types of residence halls include all freshman, all female, suite style, apartment style, on-campus, and off-campus. Coming from a distance and thinking about staying at AIC for graduate school? No worries, we have room for you, too! AIC has off-campus graduate housing available for students enrolled in full-time graduate programs.

Q. When is the application deadline?

A. AIC has a rolling admissions policy. We accept applications all throughout the school year, review each application as it becomes complete with all the required documents, and then get an admissions decision back to the applicant within two weeks. However, if you are interested in the Health Sciences, we do have a preferred application deadline of December 1.

Q. What documents do I need to submit in order to complete my application for admission?

A. To complete your application for admission, we will need an Official Copy of your High School Transcripts, an Official Copy of your SAT or ACT scores, and we also encourage you to submit at least one letter of recommendation and a personal statement. The more we get to know you as a person, the better! We also encourage you to visit campus and meet one-on-one with an Admissions Counselor. If you come during the day, we'll even treat you to lunch.

Q. What are some fun things to do on campus and around the Springfield area when I have free time?

A. Springfield is conveniently located in a very active part of Massachusetts! We have many events and points of interest all around New England that our students look forward to including the Big E (West Springfield, MA), the Lee Outlets (Lee, MA), professional Boston sporting events (Boston, MA), Water Fire (Providence, RI), Halloween Weekend in Salem (Salem, MA), Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun Casinos (CT), the Basketball Hall of Fame (Springfield, MA), the Ben & Jerry's Factory (Burlington, VT), Six Flags New England (Agawam, MA) and much more! Many times, AIC will host bus trips to these locations. But it's easy enough to gather a group of friends and take a daytrip to any of these destinations!

Looking for something more local? AIC always has something happening on campus. From Casino Nights to group workout classes to plays put on by our Garret Players Theater Group to intramural sports, it's easy to find something to do. The activities begin before school even starts with our Welcome Week festivities for new students and keep our students busy all the way through senior year with the senior class field trip.

Q. Can I receive academic help if I need it?

A. The Center for Academic Success at AIC is the go-to place for academic support for all students. Home to the Writing Center, the Tutoring Center, the ACE program, and the Academic Resource Center, the Center for Academic Success guides and supports students through their academic journeys by offering all of these free services to any students that ask for it. As the saying goes, ask and you shall receive! (But unfortunately, we can't give you more time to finish that term paper.)

Q. Do you have any special programs for students with learning disabilities or first-generation college students?

A. Yes and yes! Our nationally renowned Supportive Learning Services program is geared towards assisting students with diagnosed learning disabilities grow and develop their skills in areas including time management, study skills, self advocacy, note-taking, and more. As part of this comprehensive program, students work one-on-one with professional educators that create individual learning plans for each student based on his or her needs. We also have the AIC Core Education program, better known as ACE, which is a federally-funded program for first generation college students as well as those with limited financial means. The ACE program supports students through personal mentoring, academic support, career counseling, financial aid assistance, and more to help ensure academic success at AIC. Interested in either of these programs? Contact your admissions counselor for more information!

Q. What kinds of transportation are available around campus?

A. With five state capitals within a two and a half hour radius, we make sure that students are able to get where they need to go! Springfield has a PVTA (Pioneer Valley Transit Authority) bus stop right on campus so our students can easily get to local destinations such as the Holyoke Mall, the shops and restaurants in Downtown Northampton, Forest Park, the Eastfield Mall, and many other local attractions. If you're looking to head home for a weekend or during a break, we also have a Peter Pan bus station and an Amtrak station located just over two miles from campus. To quote the insightful Dr. Seuss, "Oh, the places you'll go!" with all of these travel options! (Fun fact: Dr. Seuss's hometown just happens to be Springfield, MA.)

Q. Can I get a job on campus?

A. Absolutely! We have a wide variety of jobs available on campus so you don't have to worry about getting stuck in traffic on the way to work. There are positions available in the Admissions Office, the Library, Athletics, the Dining Commons, the Bookstore, Financial Aid, and more. Students normally work around 8-10 hours per week and are paid Massachusetts minimum wage. It may not be enough to pay a year's tuition, but it will cover the price of take-out for a late night study session!

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