Online Courses at AIC

What Should I Expect in an Online Course?

An online course at AIC will have no traditional classroom meetings. Blackboard will be the primary tool to ensure that all content, activities, assessments, and communication are accessible online. When first entering a course shell it will be important to carefully review the syllabus area as course policies, procedures, and expectations will be posted there. Additionally, you generally can expect to:

  • Participate in online discussion boards, blogs, and other interactive platforms.
  • Write papers and submit them as attachments through Blackboard’s assignment tool.
  • Interact with course content, which can be in the form of documents, articles, videos, audio files, presentations, and web sites.
  • Conduct research online.
  • Take tests/quizzes online.

Are you Ready for an Online Course?

That following are Indicators that you are ready to succeed in an online course.

  • You have reliable access to a computer with an Internet connection. Cable & DSL internet service are preferred. Dial-up service can be problematic, especially when trying to view videos or access large files.
  • You are comfortable using computers, the Internet, and software that may be applicable to your course.
  • You have the time to complete online activities and assignments and the time management skills to establish a plan to accomplish these tasks.
  • You have strong written communication skills. Remember – most communication in an online course will be done through writing.
  • You are self-motivated, self-directed, and capable of learning independently. The instructor will act as a guide throughout the course, but the student must take the primary responsibility for learning.
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