Long Runs (Short Shorts)

AIC runner ponders his passion

Guest Blogger: Jeremy Antivo

MAY 1, 2013

Last Sunday, American International College hosted its second annual Run for Education, a 5k race that celebrates the preK–12 educators in our children's lives and in our communities. This year’s event was a huge success, both for our local runners and educators. Today, guest blogger Jeremy Antivo, a sophomore from Rahway, NJ, describes through text and photos what running means to him and his compatriots on the AIC cross country team.

Becoming a competitive distance runner for a collegiate cross-country or track team takes a lot of control over your self. Gearing your body into the exact shape it takes to run 5,000 meters (a little over 3 miles) at a fast, consistent pace is not something that can be achieved overnight. It takes months of self-motivation, self-discipline, and most of all: months of straight-up running.

Every experienced distance runner knows if you want to be running smooth, strong, and comfortable over 5k, 8k, and even 10k during the collegiate cross-country season in the Fall, you need to start training right in June. Our guys at AIC know this very well.

Which is why every morning of nearly everyday, we're up right around sunrise—rain or shine, hot or cold, dark or light—getting our mileage in.

No matter how crazy or freakish we may look strolling back into the dorms around 7 A.M. in our shortest shorts and t-shirts while you’re all bundled up, know we have been doing this for a long time.

I've had many people come up to me and ask me (and I'm sure my teammates have, too), "Why do you guys run?" or even better, "How can you guys run everyday? I hate running." To be honest, I don’t think any of us could give you a very helpful answer. Saying we run to stay in shape would be a flat-out lie. Running to stay in shape is one thing. What we do is borderline psychotic (which we know and understand).

I guess, to keep it simple, you could say we just love running. We love all things related to running. We love the spirit and drive and determination and satisfaction running gives us, and millions of other people around the world. That's simply put, though. There is no concrete answer as to why our shorts are so short or why we are okay with looking like human twigs. Those kinds of things just happen.

Jeremy Antivo provided both the writing and photography for this post, work that also fulfills the requirements for his "Creating Content for the AIC Community" assignment in Digital Photo II.
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