Group Exercise



     4:30pm - BOOT w/ Chris

     5:30pm - Yoga w/ Kate

     8:00pm - Total Body Sculpting w/ Ben & Casey* 


     4:30pm - INSANITY w/ Chris

     5:30pm - Zumba w/ Laurie


     4:30pm - Zumba w/ Laurie

     5:30pm - PI-YO**

     8:00pm - Total Body Sculpting w/ Ben & Casey*  


     4:30pm - AB Lab w/ Jeff

     5:00pm - Yoga w/ Erin

     6:00pm - Zumba w/ Laurie

 All classes are held in the Bradley Room

*Total Body Sculpting will be held in the Fitness Center

**PI-YO will be held in the Hall of Fame Room

Class Descriptions

30 Minute AB Lab: An AB circuit class with unique exercises that help target your core muscles!  Specialty instructors throughout the semester!

BOOT®: A 60 minute fusion of cardio, strength, balance and flexibility. The objective is to continually shock the bodies to improve you’re cardiovascular system, lose weight, and build lean muscles. With a variety of exercises, no two classes are the same! 

INSANITY®: As seen on TV! This high intensity interval training class will help improve muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance! Modifications are given for all fitness levels!

Total Body Sculpting: 30 mins of cardio and fat burning, this is the pinnacle get lean workout! Utilize dumbbells and medicine balls to help get you strong! The class size is in the weight room and is limited to 8, be sure to sign up the day before!

Yoga: A class to help improve your strength and flexibility! Connect your mind and body while following each instructors unique approach!

PI-YO: A combination of yoga and pilates. The instructor will challenge you with pilates exercises & yoga postures, while incorporating flexibility & relaxation to calm the spirit, mind, & body.

Zumba: Have fun and improve your fitness level as you follow the instructor through a variety of dance moves inspired by Hip Hop & Latin Rhythms!

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