Office of Residence Life

New Students

All incoming first-year and transfer students looking to live on campus, please click the button below to apply for housing!

All room and roommate assignments will be mailed out to the student's home address by Fri. July 18, 2014. If you have already submitted your application once, please DO NOT submit it again.

Once you're here, we take care of you like family. You will have a place to sleep, to hang out with your new friends, and a good meal ready to eat whenever you need it. Read up on our residence halls and dining facilities to see what we have to offer.

Residency Requirement: The College requires all full-time undergraduate students to live on campus for the first two years. We believe that a great deal of growth and development happens outside of the classroom and living on campus is a great way to get connected to the institution and with others around you. Students can request to have the housing requirement waived based on the following characteristics:

  1. The student has lived in college-owned housing for 4 full semesters and has completed the Off-Campus Residency Application and Education Program
  2. - OR-
  3. The student is over the age of 23 and has completed the Off-Campus Residency Application and Education Program
  4. -OR-
  5. The student has lived in college-owned housing for less than 4 full semesters and at least one of the following criteria apply:
  6. -The student lives in the parent/guardian(s) home that is within a 30-mile radius of AIC.
    -The student is the legally responsible party for dependent children or other family members.
    -The student is living with his/her spouse.
    -The student requires special housing due to a physical disability.
    Students who meet the criteria of exemption #3 must fill out an Off Campus Residency Application, but will not be required to complete the Off-Campus Residency Education Program.

Important Information

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