Edgewood Gardens Campus

Edgewood Complex (Street and Broadhurst Wings)

Some sophomores and most juniors may be eligible to live on our Edgewood Gardens Campus in the Broadhurst and Street Hall wings of the Edgewood Complex (E-Wood). Street Hall features traditional double rooms similar to the Main Campus. Broadhurst offers two bedroom suites with a furnished common living area and bathroom for three or four residents. All internet access is through the college's wifi network.

Edgewood Complex (Edgewood Wing)

Residents with senior standing may apply to live in apartments in the Edgewood wing of the Edgewood Complex. Completed in 2004, the Edgewood Hall wing features two bedroom apartments that house four residents with a common living area, kitchen sink with cabinets, and bathroom. Internet access is through data ports.

Acorn Heights

Completed in 2008, our newest residence facility is designed for juniors and above with both proven academic success and maturity. Each unit houses six residents in three bedroom townhouses with a full kitchen (appliances included), two bathrooms, and a furnished living room.

Each unit has a deck for socializing as well as central air conditioning. Internet access is through the college's wifi network. Acorn townhouses can be co-ed/gender neutral. Students must apply for Acorn Heights in a separate application process prior to April housing selection day.

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