Graduate Assistantship Positions


A limited number of graduate staff assistantships are awarded to students who have been accepted and are fully matriculated into a graduate degree program. Students may have teaching, coaching, tutoring, or office responsibilities. Graduate Assistants often receive tuition credit assistance and/or a stipend (varies by department).

Graduate Assistant appointments are competitive and are determined based on undergraduate and/or graduate grade point average, letters of recommendation, pertinent experience, educational preparation, interviews, or a combination of these factors. Graduate Assistants work in an academic department, athletics, or administrative office of the College for 20 hours per week.

Most commonly, Graduate Assistants are appointed from September through May. All graduate appointments shall automatically terminate at the end of the specified appointment period. A Graduate Assistant may be re-appointed and serve for a second year, if the assistantship has been funded and both academic and job performance is satisfactory. No appointment or re-appointment of a graduate student to an Assistantship in any way commits the College to re-appoint that same student later.

Graduate Assistantships are chosen by the sponsoring department. Candidates must be accepted into a graduate degree program before being hired as a Graduate Assistant.


Applicants must meet the following qualifications:

  • A bachelor's degree and/or graduate program of study, in an appropriate field;
  • Documented acceptance into a graduate degree program and registration for at least six (6) credits of graduate level courses in the semester that is concurrent with the beginning of the appointment;
  • Ability to establish effective working relationships and good communication skills;
  • Other specific qualifications relating to the particular vacancy.


Available positions are posted online as they become available.

Candidates must be accepted into a graduate program before being hired as a Graduate Assistant.

For more information, please contact Career Services at 413.205.3237, or the Office of Graduate Admissions at 413.205.3700.

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