In order to address the multiple issues faced by our diverse population of students and to help in the acquisition of social skills, students engage in interactive groups under the guidance of the school Clinician.

The Clinician is also available to consult with teachers in the development of learning and reinforcement strategies tailored to meet individual needs, or those of a group. Cooperation between teacher and Clinician becomes especially important as our curriculum expands to accommodate specific needs - whether they are language based disabilities, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), or nonverbal learning disabilities.

Additionally, the generalization of these skills to other environments is emphasized in order to foster independent problem solving and satisfactory social relationships.

The counseling of individual students is also available when personal or family issues impact academic performance, or when group sessions are not the appropriate remediation. Under these circumstances, recommendations may be made to include external interventions as agreed upon by the student's family and school district.

As our prospective graduates approach secondary school placement, students and their families are guided in choosing the high school that will best build upon the skills acquired at the Curtis Blake Day School.

Students are also assisted in preparing emotionally for the academic and physical changes they will encounter as part of their individual personal development.

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