Wi-Fi at AIC

A State-of-the-Art Computer Network

Getting on-line isn't a problem at American International College. The college's technology transformation includes a wireless network covering 97% of the campus inside and out.

We wanted to change the way students, faculty and staff communicated, collaborated, worked, taught and learned. so we designed and installed a technologically-advanced network that would provide the campus with a cutting-edge, secure, communication environment.

The primary goal was to provide students, faculty members, and college administration with broadband Internet access while they were on campus, creating a collaborative learning and working environment. The college also wanted to allow end-users access to the network no matter where they were located on campus. This mandate required building a broadband wireless network (BWN) Wi-Fi that blankets all 72 acres of the campus and integrates into AIC's wired network infrastructure as well.

The new technology fosters and supports communications, collaboration, social discourse, work, learning and teaching. It is comprised of three segments; Wi-Fi distribution methodology, network management and control, and WAN access.

The new network also enables a collaborative environment between faculty, staff, and students that didn't exist before. FirstClass, the AIC's Virtual Campus, enables the college to develop an e-learning community that allows educators, staff, and students to effectively communicate, collaborate, manage information and share knowledge.

Students, faculty and staff all benefit from the new technology. It gives us the ability to move knowledge at the speed of light, interfacing with the entire AIC community. The wireless technology at AIC is cutting edge not only because of what it can do now, but what the capabilities in the future will be.

Internet Telephony

AIC was also the first area college to switch to a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system. The new phone system offers employees unified messaging so they can access voice messages in email, as well as fax from their computer.

Flexibility is another advantage with the new system. Now, it's easy for employees to move another location, plug in their phone and still have the same phone number without having an IT person come out and switch phone lines.

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