Students at American International College will be showcasing some big beef on the field this fall. No, not a 300-pound lineman for the Yellow Jackets football team, but an 800-pound Jersey cow. The students, members of the AIC Lion's Club will be bringing in the cow to help raise money at the annual Cow Drop fundraiser, Sunday, October 20th.

Sean Mahoney, a senior from Carver, Mass., is president of the AIC Lion's Club. He said the event is the club's biggest fundraiser. "We set up a grid of 500 squares on the Edgewood Practice Field and sell the squares for $7, $10 for two. If one of the cows drops poop on your square, you win $500," he said.

Mahoney, a sports recreation and management major, said the event is part of the college's Action in Community Day. "We want to have the community, as well as AIC students and faculty involved in the day's activities. There will be food, music, inflatables, a mechanical bull and even a cow milking station."

No stranger to community service, Mahoney said joining the AIC Lion's club was an easy choice for him. "I'm an Eagle Scout and have been involved in community service since I was eight years old. I wanted to continue community service activities here at AIC, and the Lion's Club was a perfect fit," he said.

The AIC Lion's Club has grown into one of the largest and most active clubs on the AIC campus. "We currently have 18 members, but we expect that to increase to 30 this fall," he said.

Mahoney said they hope to raise $3,500 at the Cow Drop. He said $500 would go for prize money, $1,500 for Lion's Club charities and $1,500 to help fund future club events.

Besides the annual Cow Drop event, the club members have also participated in the Rays of Hope Walk and the Carl Joseph Walker Hoover Walk.

For ticket information, contact, or call 508.944.3835.