AIC Registrar Diane Furtek recently published an article in College and University Journal, an educational policy and research journal focusing on emerging concerns, new techniques, and technology in higher education.

In the article, "Using Successorship to Build Leadership Capacity in Higher Education," Furtek discusses the challenges facing higher education and the importance of developing future leaders.

"As many colleges and universities are challenged by internal and external forces, leaders are a critical resource for the future," she said. "Successful institutions have in place the infrastructure to build leaders at all levels. Many benefits can derive from this infrastructure, including increasing student learning, faculty engagement, and financial stability," Furtek said.

Higher education is distinctly different than the corporate world, consequently, internal candidates are the foundation of successorship planning. according to Furtek. "Successorship planning begins with attracting internal candidates with high potential for leadership. Processes to retain the commitment of these candidates and to build on the talents and abilities they bring to the field must support a planned strategy for managing successorship.

"A variety of approaches can be used to build competencies to increase leadership that results in organizational effectiveness Investing current resources and building leadership and organizational effectiveness will build resilience in colleges and universities and thereby prepare them for the future," she said.

"It is time to develop internal resources in order to increase leadership within higher education," Furtek said. "By developing leaders who understand the necessity of making difficult financial decisions, the rewards of teaching and research accomplishments, and the building of educational effectiveness, higher education can overcome its current leadership predicament."