AIC psychology professors Anne Stuart and Sandra Sego recently presented at the Teaching Professor Conference in New Orleans, La. The conference was held May 31 June 2.

Anne Stuart

Sandra Sego

This conference provides an opportunity for educators to learn effective techniques and interact with colleagues committed to teaching and learning excellence.

The Teaching Professor Conference attracts an international audience from all different disciplines. There were over 900 attendees at this year's event. More than 460 higher education institutions were represented at the event, from all 50 U.S. states, Puerto Rico, Canada, and nine other foreign countries.

The workshop presented by Sego and Stuart was titled "Building Successful Habits for Course and Career with Course Redesign." They combined ideas from Fink's Taxonomy of Significant Learning with ideas from the Organizational Change literature to share an approach to helping students develop some keystone habits that would aid them in achieving academic success and carry these habits into their professional lives.

They said, even students that placement tests deem "college-ready" may lack the habits that keep them motivated, help them persist in the face of adversity, and keep them focused on their goals.

"What if, in the process of redesigning our courses for significant learning, we could also help students build habits that impact the rest of their courses and future careers?"

Synthesizing ideas from the organizational change literature with Fink's taxonomy, this session helped guide participants through course design with an emphasis on soft skills and attitudes necessary for student success across courses and into careers.

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