Learning, often times, happens outside the classroom. Such was the case for AIC psychology students this semester, as they worked on a variety of research projects. Students covered a variety of topics, including how parenting styles affect drinking among college students, and the effects of loud music on reading comprehension.

Students and faculty gathered in the Bradley Room recently as the students presented a poster display of their research, explained their work and talked about the results.

AIC psychology professor Anne Stuart said the poster session is a popular event on campus. "Many faculty, staff, and administrators look forward to the semester-end event. While initially nervous about presenting, the students who do present look back on the experience favorably. They enjoy taking pride in their work and sharing it with interested others," she said.

Stuart said this project involves reading the professional literature in the field, designing study materials, collecting data from participants, entering and analyzing the data with statistical software, and then writing up the study.

The Experimental Psychology Poster Session is the culminating experience for students taking Experimental Psychology, a required course in the psychology major. Students in this course, traditionally Juniors or Seniors in the major, have spent most of the semester designing and conducting a study on a topic of their choice.

"The poster session provides students the opportunity to share their research with fellow students, professors, administrators, and staff at the College. It helps reinforce studentsí oral presentation skills and professionalism. It also provides an opportunity for Freshmen and Sophomores in the major to see what they will be expected to do when they take Experimental Psychology," Stuart said.

The following research projects were presented:

Hoi Chui
Project: The Effect of Self-Esteem on College Student Drinking Description: Examined the relationship between self-esteem and drinking by college students.

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Thomas Denomme
Project: Physical Attraction Based on Clothing Color Description: This study examined male and female college students in regards to what physically attracts them based on clothing color. Specifically, it was hypothesized that men would be more attracted to an individual wearing red and women would be more attracted to an individual wearing green.

Alexander Eubanks
Project: Super Self: The Relationship Between Self-Esteem & Super Hero Affinity Description: Examined the relationship between an individualís self-esteem and importance of different characteristics of super heroes. .

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Jana Gleason
Project: Effects of Loud Music versus Soft Music on Reading Comprehension in College Students Description: Tested whether loud music would present a greater distraction to reading comprehension than soft music.

Catherine Lamirande
Project: Standing in Line or Surfing the Net: Black Friday versus Cyber Monday Description: Examined the factors that influence an individualís decision to shop online or in a physical store.

Tuyen Le
Project: How Parenting Styles Affect College Student Drinking Description: Examined how parenting style and parentís attitudes toward drinking affect college studentsí alcohol consumption.

Yarenis Oliveras
Project: Reading Comprehension with Related and Unrelated Audio Visual Distraction Description: Examined how distracting related versus unrelated audio visual content is to reading comprehension.

Alexandra Phillips
Project: The Effect of Gender and Aggression on Driving Description: Examined the effects of gender and aggression on the driving skills of undergraduate college students.

Tyler Reynolds
Project: The College Experience: Do Gender and Age Have an Effect on Risky Behavior in College Students Description: This study examined whether gender and age effect the risky behaviors engaged in by college students.

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Amina Riaz
Project: Picture Superiority Effect: Are Pictures More Likely to be Recalled Than Words? Description: Tested the picture superiority effect that states that pictures are more likely to be remembered than words.

Glarius Rop
Project: Comparing Sources of Stress in College Student-Athletes and Non-Athletes Description: Tested the hypothesis that, due to performance pressure, time constraints, and fear of failure, student-athletes would experience more stress than non-athletes.

Alexa Scibelli
Project: The Relationship Between GPA and Personality: Extroverts and Introverts Description: Examined the relationship between personality and GPA.

Virgin Vargas
Project: Infidelity Due to Alcohol Consumption in Romantic Relationships Description: Examined student drinking behavior and likelihood to cheat while in a romantic relationship