More than 100 AIC student athletes were inducted into the 3.0 club on Tuesday, September 11 in the Griswold Theatre.

The 3.0 club honors student-athletes who have earned a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better after at least one year of enrollment at American International College.

"Athlete stereotypes just aren't true anymore," said Richard F. Bedard, director of athletics at AIC. "Our student athletes achieve in the classroom and the community.

Bedard said by having the induction ceremony at the start of the school year it allows the new students to see the accomplishments of the upperclassmen and give them something to strive for.

Jill McCarthy Payne, a criminal justice professor at AIC and chair of the faculty athletic board, said the club is one the college takes pride in. "Too often student athletics has a negative connotation, but at AIC we are proud that our athletes are also very good students and campus leaders," she said.

There were special awards for three sport athletes, two sport student athletes and the student with the highest grade point average on each team.

"We anticipate at least one third of our student-athlete population will again meet the eligibility criteria for induction into the 3.0 Club," said McCarthy-Payne. "This ceremony is fun and fast-paced. It not only honors their academic achievements, but this ceremony also announces to our new student-athletes what is expected and what can be achieved by every team member."

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