The economy may be rebounding, but jobs are still scarce for recent college graduates. That's why the Career Services Office at American International College is hosting a series of events on campus to help AIC students who will soon begin the job hunting process.

The "Employer-Student Meet and Greet" was held Wednesday, Oct. 3, in the Bradley Room.

The event, sponsored by the AIC Career Services Office, was aimed at helping students network and discuss internship and job opportunities with employers. Career Counselor Anaggha Mukhopadhyay, said while the employers may not have been actively recruiting, "if there are any open jobs in their organization, they are certainly free to share."

Mukhopadhyay said it was an interactive forum including discussions about the kind of interns employers are looking for and the majors most employers are interested in.

"It is really their input and guidance to students for their career path which is the focus of the event," she said.

Linda Edwards, marketing director at Glenmeadow Retirement, said those attending were students trying to find out what employers are looking for when they are hiring or looking for interns.

Edwards told the students to dress appropriately on a job interview and also when they are on their internship. "Students should also be conscious about what they use as an email address or voice mail message, and especially what they post on Facebook. Be professional," she said.

A variety of employers were on hand, including representatives from Massachusetts Career Development Institute, Inc., Junior Achievement of Western Mass., and the Glenmeadow Retirement Community.

Upcoming events:

October 24: Work Ethics Event - this event will focus on subtle work ethics -- like professional boundaries with colleagues, information-sharing within and outside offices, etc.

October 31: Humanities Career Event