Parking Permits

AIC is pleased to announce that the Campus Police Department will be collaborating with iParq Intelligent Parking to implement a web-based parking management system for Commuters, Residents, Faculty, and Staff. At present, we are diligently working with our counterparts at iParq to set up our on-line presence, and a message will be sent out once the site is up and ready for registration of permits. The permit fees will remain at the current levels of $50.00 per semester for a Commuter permit and $125.00 per semester for a Resident permit. We ask that you bear with us as we endeavor to bring the campus community a new service that affords our Commuters, Residents, Faculty and Staff the utmost convenience.

As has been past practice for our Commuter and Residential lots, the beginning of the fall 14 semester will have a grace period to accommodate our Students obtaining and displaying their permits. You will notice upgraded signage at the entrance to each parking lot.

The designated lots for commuters:

  • Lot B (located at the intersection of State Street and Oak Grove Avenue),
  • Lot D (located off of Reed Street), and
  • Lot I (located at the intersection of State Street and Maynard Street). Please be mindful that Lot I is an integrated Faculty/Staff and Commuter lot.

Faculty/Staff spaces are placarded. For your convenience, we have an additional lot set aside for high traffic times, this is Lot A (located just off State Street, east of the main campus).

For residential students, lot assignment will be done on a first come, first serve basis. Residential students will also be afforded a grace period. The available residential lots are:

  • Lot E (adjacent to the Hines Residence Hall),
  • Lots G/H (adjacent to the Magna Residence Hall),
  • Lot T (adjacent to the Edgewood Complex), and
  • Lot R (adjacent to the Acorn Heights Complex).

As a reminder, if you are a Graduate Assistant, you should apply for the student permit that best applies to you, either Commuter or Resident. Graduate Assistants will not be issued Faculty/Staff permits.

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