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At AIC, we want every student to be able to take full advantage of their college experience. To help every student who needs assistance with their courses, we have developed a full-fledged set of support structures, including peer tutoring and peer writing support. We recognize that each student is unique, and we strive to match you with the right services to strengthen your skills and make success achievable.


Academic Resource Center

Whether the goal is earning a competitive GPA or just surviving a tough class, the Academic Resource Center (ARC) is here to help you. ARC is a student support service designed to help students realize their academic ambitions. ARC offers mentoring, academic advising, as well as helping students enhance specific skills central to learning.


Advising Center

The mission of Advising at American International College is to engage students in the development of meaningful educational plans in pursuit of their life goals. The Advising Center is staffed with dedicated, full-time Professional Academic Advisors who work with freshmen, sophomores, and incoming transfer students to explore all aspects of their academic journey through a collaborative mentoring relationship. AIC practices a shared model of advising in which students transition from a Professional Advisor to a Faculty Advisor as rising juniors. The Advising Center works closely with faculty and department leaders, along with the Faculty Senate appointed Committee on Academic Advising, in order to fulfill the campus-wide mission for Advising.

Professional Advisors provide individual support throughout the academic year to aid with students’ academic and personal growth. Some examples include:

  • Major Exploration
  • Navigating through major program plans
  • Assisting with course selection and registration
  • Monitoring academic progress each semester
  • Establishing personal and career goals, both short and long term
  • Supplying knowledge of campus resources and making referrals when appropriate


AIC Core Education (ACE)

ACE is federally-funded for first-generation college students. We are here to help you get whatever you need to succeed in college, and to plan for success after graduation. Eligible students are contacted to apply and receive additional support in navigating campus services, are enrolled in a more in-depth first-year experience course, and attend special workshops, field trips, and programs.

ACE can offer you:

  • Personal mentoring
  • Academic support
  • Career counseling
  • Disability referral services
  • Financial aid assistance
  • Graduate school preparation
  • Specialized workshops and activities


Developmental Education

Developmental education assists the needs of American International College learners and prepares them for college-level courses while empowering them to attain their academic goals. The primary focus of the department will be to help students develop their skills and achieve academic success in areas such as English composition and mathematics. Developmental education also offers an enrichment course that aims to help AIC students to recommit to their academic goals through service learning opportunities with the organization Springfield Scholar Athletes.


Disability Services

The mission of Collegiate Disability Services is to create an accessible, inclusive, sustainable learning environment where disabilities are recognized as an aspect of diversity that is integral to the campus community and to society.

Collegiate Disability Services collaborates with all members of the institution’s diverse community to ensure that all aspects of campus life – learning, working and living – are universally accessible. The department provides resources, training and direct services to ensure people with disabilities may have a greater opportunity to achieve their goals.

The goals and objectives of the department are to:

  • Promote and facilitate access through creative outreach and training, collaborative partnerships, innovative programs and proactive solutions;
  • Support and facilitate the transition, retention and graduation of students with disabilities;
  • Reduce campus-wide barriers for people with disabilities; and
    Ensure the effective delivery of appropriate accommodations.


Noonan Writing Center

The Noonan Writing Center provides support to students who wish to improve their writing skill within the content areas.

Certified peer tutors and paraprofessionals work with students at all stages of the writing process, from initial brainstorming to final revisions, with the goal of teaching students how to prepare, write, and revise quality compositions.

    • The Writing Center is a free service that offers one-on-one tutoring, and small group conferences on various aspects of the writing process, by appointment, or on a drop-in basis to students throughout the college.
    • Students can bring writing assignments from any course to the Writing Center.
    • Students and tutors work together on various aspects of writing: brainstorming, thesis development, outlining, organizing, formatting, structure, and mechanics.

The Noonan Writing Center at American International College has been certified by the College Reading and Learning Association’s (CRLA) International Tutor Training Program Certification. This certification provides an internationally accepted set of training standards for all tutors.


Tutoring Program

The Tutoring Program offers free tutoring to all students enrolled at American International College. It is a peer-based program designed to provide one-on-one assistance and small group support to undergraduate students in a variety of courses and disciplines. Our tutors must meet strict qualifications before being hired and undergo a rigorous training program prior to beginning their work as a tutor.

For students attending a tutoring session, they will learn how to process course material as well as sharpen their reasoning and questioning skills so that they can become independent learners. Sessions are process-oriented, learner-centered, and require the active involvement of each student. Beyond content learning, tutors may assist students with learning skills such as organization, note taking, test taking, studying and more.

The Tutoring Program at American International College has been certified by the College Reading and Learning Association’s (CRLA) International Tutor Training Program Certification.


This certification provides an internationally accepted set of training standards for all tutors.

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