Communication Materials

To assist members of campus in the process of creating AIC-branded communications, the following guidelines and templates are available to ensure your communication is an effective representation of the College’s mission, vision, and values.

Business Cards and Stationery

Business cards are overseen by the Office of Human Resources in partnership with by the Artcraft Company. Orders may be placed via the myAIC portal, where guidelines and instructions are also available for viewing.

Email Signatures

To better identify and maintain consistency when interacting with AIC faculty and staff, please employ the following when constructing email signatures:

    • Fonts: only use default system fonts such as Arial, Calibri, or Helvetica to ensure consistency and readability across various devices.
    • Images: avoid use of logos, icons, or other images whenever possible, as these often do not translate to mobile use and create attachments that can often become burdensome, particularly in long email chains.
    • Color: avoid use of color in email font for brand consistency and to ensure emails are as mobile-friendly as possible.
    • Formatting: unless otherwise specific, it is encouraged to utilize one of the variations below for all email signatures:
  • Simple:

Email Signatures sample

Mass Email Communications

    • Internal: Unless otherwise specified, all internal mass email communications should be requested through Marketing and Communications. Requests for a mass email communication may be either sent out as a standalone announcement or included in a future internal newsletter email, based on urgency and coinciding communications.
    • External: Offices with the capacity to send mass emails to external audiences including prospective students, alumni, or other community stakeholders must either use an approved external email template or must have the approval of the Office of Marketing and Communications. All standing guidelines for voice, editorial style, visual branding, and design should be adhered to in the construction of any external-facing message.

Internal Presentations and Electronic Letterhead

Unless otherwise specified, please use the standard AIC PowerPoint presentation and electronic letterhead templates available for download on For custom presentation requests including graphics or PowerPoint presentation styling, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications.

Promotional Materials and Giveaways

As a way to promote engagement and sharing of the AIC brand, the production of promotional materials featuring AIC brand marks is generally encouraged. The Office of Marketing and Communications is available to assist with design and file setup for any promotional item purchased, and partners with the College’s licensing group to ensure any materials meet AIC’s brand standards before production. All logo, typeface, and color guidelines should be implemented in the design of any promotional material distributed on behalf of the College.


To better aid those visiting AIC’s campus, consistently branded and uniform signage will be implemented both internally and externally, offering uniform ways to present information and assist in wayfinding. All signage design and installation is coordinated through the Office of Marketing and Communications, and requests can be made for new or modified signs by emailing No signs should be produced or installed without prior approval from the Facilities or the Office of Marketing and Communications.


All advertising, digital or traditional, should be facilitated by the Office of Marketing and Communications unless otherwise specified. This includes print and direct marketing campaigns, paid social media campaigns, digital advertising, and news/magazine advertising. In the event that the College places an advertisement on any media platform, creative endeavors require approval from the Office of Marketing and Communications prior to submission to any advertising partner.


Beyond the College’s flagship website,, AIC manages a variety of secondary sites including the Athletics website, myAIC portal, program landing pages used in advertising campaigns, and public and internal-facing pages. Requests for website updates or new webpage creation should be made through the Office of Marketing and Communications.

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