Logos and Brand Identity

The AIC logo and its approved variations are most frequently prospective students’ first impression of the College. The importance of knowing which logos are in active use and the contexts in which they are to be used cannot be understated. All logo files are available for download on my.aic.edu. For special use including high-resolution vector files or further clarification on logos and brand identity, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications.

Primary Logo

AIC Primary logo

The AIC logo lookup, featuring a gold ‘AIC’ with a crossbar to the left of the College’s logotype, should be considered the primary and definitive identifying brand mark for American International College. Beyond a small number of approved variations, no modifications or manipulations may be made to the primary logo in any way.




The College logotype refers to the stacked, left-aligned format of “American International College” in the same fashion as appears in the primary logo. This mark may be used in similar applications to the primary logo, in situations where the formatting of the full primary logo is less effective. Examples include left-aligned print mailing pieces, wayfinding signage, and other applicable contexts and settings.


AIC Lettermark

AIC lettermark

The standalone “AIC” Lettermark may be used as a supplementary design element in situations where more abstract branding is required, including banners, promotional items, and graphics. Official publications and communications should prioritize use of either the primary logo or logotype unless otherwise specified.


School/Departmental Variants


With prior approval and assistance from the Office of Marketing and Communications, organizations within the College community may be permitted specific variations of the primary AIC logo, with the name of the suborganization replacing the College logotype. Commonly used applications include the College’s three schools. Any modification of the primary logo must be approved and provided by the Office of Marketing and Communications prior to publication.


College Seal

AIC college seal

Originally designed by the former dean and faculty member George Chase in the early 20th century, the official seal of American International College has remained largely unchanged for over one hundred years. The seal should be used only in formal documents, diplomas, academic awards and certificates, or with prior approval of the Office of Marketing and Communications.

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