Winter Festival – Day 1

Student Festival of Short Films

The Festival begins with a series of brief productions created by students in Instructor and Technology Coordinator of Communication Marty Langford’s video production course.

2020 Winter Festival Homepage

COM1212 – Intro to Video Production Fall 2020

Camarin Cook, 'Montage'
Taylor Wildes, 'Montage'
Taylor Wildes, 'Video Diary'
Ananda Burnard, 'Short Film'
Brooke Garcia, 'Short Film'
Taylor Wildes, 'Short Film'
Taylor Wildes, 'How to...Dead Lift'
Megan Schleyerl, 'Montage'
Marcus Thomas, 'Video Diary'
Megan, 'Video Diary'
Brooke Garcia, 'How to...Make a Side Braid'
Kelly Shea, 'Untitled'


Additional Projects


'Join The Herd', FA18, written and performed by Jeremy 'Austin' Fair for COM3201/Public Relations
'Moose', FA19, created by Josephine Byrne for COM1212/Intro to Video Production, FA19
'AIC Athletics Giving Week promo video', Created by Justin Lipscomb, Shiane Wilkins, Ketirah Felder-Hogan, Jennifer Pallazola, Tommy Smith, Samira Abdul-Karim, Yasmine Graziani, Tommy Smith, SP19, created for COM1212/Introduction to Video Production

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