Winter Festival – Day 2

Meet the Communication and the Arts Faculty

Join us for a pre-recorded showcase of the full-time faculty from the Division of Communication and the Arts. Instructors will discuss program offerings and provide a tour of academic spaces including the 500-seat Esther B. Griswold Theatre, the West Wing Gallery, along with class- and workrooms associated with Communication and the Arts in the School of Business, Arts and Sciences.

2020 Winter Festival Homepage

Frank Borrelli, MFA

Chair, Division of Communication and the Arts/ Associate Professor of Theater Arts/ Theater Arts Director

BA Theater Arts/ Arts Management, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts,

MFA Theater , Rhode Island College

Highlight Reel: In addition to producing three plays a year with his students at American International College, Mr. Borrelli continues to hone his craft and musical talent whenever he can. He can be found in the College’s off-season performing  in Provincetown, MA, The Bedford Playhouse, Bedford, NY, Lyric Hall Theatre, New Haven , CT, The Chez Est, Hartford, Ct. Director Borrelli developed the BA in Theater Arts in 2013 and has directed 23 major productions. Director Borrelli also serves on the Board of Directors of the Imperial Sovereign Court of All Connecticut, an LGBTQ+ 501C3 Charitable Organization.

Lori Paige, MA, PhD

Professor of English

AB in English, Smith College

MA and PhD, English Literature, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Highlight Reel: Dr. Paige has been studying and writing Gothic novels since the 1980s. In October 2019, she was a requested interviewed by Pioneer Valley Radio to discuss the enduring allure of the vampire. From the middle ages into the 21st century, this mystical, supernatural, and at times terrifying creature’s undeniable seduction of the reader and viewer’s imagination. Dr. Paige provided engaging insight into the creature’s impact on centuries of poetry, literature and the performing arts. Her newest book, The Gothic Romance Wave: A Critical History of the Mass Market Novels, 1960-1993, (McFarland; September 2018), takes a close look at this popular genre’s place in the publishing industry.

Marty Langford

Instructor and Technology Coordinator of Communication

BS, Broadcasting and Film/Screenwriting, Boston University

Highlight Reel: Marty Langford wears many professional hats: writer, producer, director, and cinematographer. In 2015, he released “Doomed: The Untold Story of Roger Corman’s The Fantastic Four,” a movie about a movie that never happened. Writer-director Langford’s work actually concerns a 1994 adaptation that was produced by Roger Corman but was never actually released for reasons Langford explores in his film. It garnered rave reviews in VarietyEsquire, and the Wall Street Journal.

Kat Lombard-Cook, MFA, PhD

Visiting Assistant Professor of Communications

Regis College, BA, Graphic Design

Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, UK, MFA Communication Design

PhD Design, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Highlight Reel: Among her areas of expertise, Professor Lombard-Cook enjoys being involved in the comics’ community, both as an academic and creator. Her comics have been published in print and online. In fact, Professor Lombard-Cook has been involved in both a Scottish comics unconference and traditional conference on the medium.  Kat Lombard provides a peak into her design talent. Additionally, Dr. Lombard-Cook worked on 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston and art directed an Emmy winning PSA for the City of Boston’s homelessness prevention program, the Front Door Collaborative.

Bruce Johnson, EdD

Professor of English and Coordinator of Liberal Studies

Doctorate in Education, University of Massachusetts

Highlight Reel: Dr. Johnson has been a professor of English at American International College for thirty-one years, a testament to his success as a professor and to the sense of community that American International College inspires in its student and faculty. In the online app Rate My Professor, Dr. Johnson has a perfect 100% rating by students who said they would take his class again. Top comments: “Get ready to read, gives good feedback, caring, hilarious, and respected.” That all adds up to a great learning environment and spells success for his primarily first-year students, many of whom are first in their family to attend college.

William Steffen, PhD

Assistant Professor of English

BA, Hampshire College

MA and PhD, English, University of Massachusetts 

Highlight ReelPublished in the Journal for Early Modern Cultural StudiesTeaches a variety of courses on writing and English literature including Composition, Shakespeare, Western World Literature, and Cannibal Fictions, a course that explores how cannibals are constructed to justify and critique enterprises of capitalism and colonialism in early modern travel writing, Anglophone literature, and modern-day horror films. Along with Dr. Lombard-Cook, Dr. Steffen serves as a faculty advisor to the award-winning student newspaper The Yellow Jacket 

John Nordell, MEd

Assistant Professor of Communication

BA International Relations Stanford University

MEd, Arts Education, Fitchburg State University

Highlight Reel: Picture this: It’s the dawn of the 1980s Hip-Hop scene in Boston. The grassroots of what would become a cultural phenomenon is just starting to be recognized as an art form. Who was there to photograph some of the early days? None other than John Nordell, now AIC’s assistant professor of Visual and Digital Arts. Fast forward thirty years, items from that era, including two lots of previously unseen photographs of the early rap years – 42 images in all – were going to the highest bidder this fall courtesy of the prestigious Sotheby’s auction house. They sold for nearly $7,000!

Professor Nordell’s images have also appeared in magazines including TIMENewsweekFortune, Forbes, US News & World Report, The New York Times Magazine, and The London Sunday Times.


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