Frequently Asked Questions

Health and Safety

Will I be required to get a covid-19 test prior to arriving on campus?

Effective August 1, 2020, Massachusetts has implemented a TRAVEL ORDER that requires travelers to MA from HIGH RISK STATES and international travelers to either have a negative result from an FDA EUA-approved molecular (PCR) SARS-CoV2 test, on a sample obtained 72 hours or less prior to arrival in Massachusetts or quarantine for 14 days. This means that if you are to arrive in Massachusetts by 9am on 8/21, ideally you’d want to have your test done during the morning on 8/18 to give the highest probability that you’ll have the result back by the time you are scheduled to move in on 8/21. Students coming from a restricted, high risk area are encouraged to be tested prior to arriving on campus to avoid having to quarantine per the Massachusetts regulation. Students will be reimbursed up to $50 by submitting a receipt for testing that meets the Massachusetts criteria that was conducted as part of the initial move-in process. Any testing conducted due to travel to high risk states after the initial move-in process will not be eligible for reimbursement. Students who are not able to be tested in advance will be tested on campus and required to remain in quarantine until a negative test result is confirmed.

Do I have to pay for covid-19 testing?

If you are tested as part of AIC surveillance testing or as part of the initial move-in process per the MA TRAVEL ORDER, you will not be billed for this test. If you are tested because you have symptoms, the test will be billed to your insurance company, most insurance companies cover symptomatic testing at 100%. As a reminder, students who are coming from HIGH RISK STATES or international travelers, are encouraged to be tested prior to arriving on campus to avoid having to quarantine per the Massachusetts regulation. Students will be reimbursed up to $50 by submitting a receipt for testing that meets the Massachusetts criteria that was conducted as part of the initial move-in process. Any testing conducted due to travel to high risk states after the initial move-in process will not be eligible for reimbursement.

What are the health and safety guidelines while on campus?

All students and staff must wear masks and maintain physical distancing whenever possible. You will complete a short symptom screen daily. Health Services will be open for telehealth or in-person care for anyone who is feeling sick and wants to be seen by a licensed medical provider.

What happens if I contract covid-19 while at AIC?

If diagnosed with covid-19 while on campus, the staff of Dexter Health Services will monitor your health and wellbeing daily. If you are not able to go home to recover, you will be relocated to designated isolation housing on campus until you are deemed no longer contagious.

What should I do if I have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for covid-19?

Dexter Health Services, along with the local department of public health, will notify anyone who has been deemed a “close contact” of a person who has tested positive for covid-19.  You will be relocated to designated quarantine housing on campus for 14 days or the amount of time established by the CDC.

Will I still have access to Health Services while on campus?

Yes, Health Services will see patients by telehealth and in-person visits by appointment only. Appointments can be made through the PATIENT PORTAL or by calling (413) 205- 3248.

What do I need to do to be tested for covid-19 if I am experiencing symptoms?

Contact Dexter Health Services for an appointment to be seen. You will be asked some screening questions, possibly examined, and tested if deemed appropriate.

Do I have to take my temperature every time I come on campus?

No, daily self-symptom checking is required of all students and staff, but students are not required to check their temperature before coming to campus each day, unless they are feeling ill. Students are encouraged to check their temperature and screen for symptoms prior to coming to campus for the first time to move into their residence hall. Students that present with a temperature on their assigned move-in day, will be tested by Health Services and may be required to return home or move to isolation housing while they await their test result.


How are classes going to be delivered this year?

With the exception of certain health sciences and education courses, the majority of courses will be offered through a synchronous (live) remote delivery during the Fall 2020 semester. This means that you will get your schedule, with days and times for classes, in early August, and you’ll log in to participate with classmates and your professor via Zoom at that time.

What do I do if I anticipate being out of class for more than a week?

If you are anticipating being out of class for more than a week, please work with your dean to ensure you are supported in remaining on track academically.


How do I clean my computer equipment?

Using a Clorox disinfectant wipe or a wipe containing 70% alcohol, gently and carefully wipe the hard, nonporous surfaces of the computer, including the display, touchscreen keyboard, mouse and the exterior surface of the item. If you have concerns about the cleaning product being used, please refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations and warning label. Apple and Microsoft have both stated the above approved wipes. Please note: Do not use glass cleaner on computer products.

What technology do I need to participate in remote classes?

A low-end computer with a webcam is all that is needed. Zoom, Blackboard and Office365 are the primary tools used. As a student at AIC, you are allocated Office365 email and applications, Zoom and Blackboard accounts; these are all free to students. All are available on macs, windows, and mobile devices.

What do I do if I don’t have an appropriate device for remote classes?

If you do not have access to an appropriate device for remote learning, or you lack consistent wifi, please let us know, by contacting your dean. We can loan out laptops for a short period of time and there are services for free and reduced wifi.

Can I purchase a refurbished or a used computer for my classes?

Numerous students are able to fully participate in classes with a computer that is a few years old.  We have computer labs available for the times that a class assignment requires a higher-end computer or specialized software. In a pinch, even a mobile phone can get you by for a few days.

Student Life & Campus Events

Will there still be work study jobs on campus?

Yes, while some work student positions may be modified to allow for increased remote working and physical distancing, many of the work study positions students are used to are still available. All work study positions will be posted at

Will Homecoming be hosted on campus this fall?

Homecoming is not scheduled for the fall, but we remain hopeful that we can reschedule in the spring.

Housing & Dining

Can I live on campus?

Yes, residence halls will be open for the 2020-2021 academic year with new health and safety guidelines in place. Students who still need to apply for housing, should go to for more information.

Are students still required to live on campus?

To ensure students and their families can make an informed decision that fits their individual circumstances, the residency requirement has been suspended for the 2020-2021 academic year. This means any student can choose to live off campus during the 2020-2021 academic year; however, if a student moves into campus housing, they are required to live on campus for the duration of the academic year (subject to withdrawal policies).

What is the process for move-in this year?

The full move-in process can be found HERE.

Will all residence halls be open?

Yes, all residence halls will be open with new health and safety procedures in place.

Will I have a roommate?

Yes, most students will have a roommate. Roommates and suitemates will be considered a “family unit” per the CDC guidelines and will not be required to wear a face covering while in their own assigned room. The number of single rooms on campus is limited. Students who have a medical condition requiring a single room should contact for more information. A letter from a medical provider outlining the medical necessity for a single room will be required.

I plan to live in a building with a shared bathroom, what are the new sanitation guidelines for shared facilities?

All high touch areas will be cleaned and disinfected throughout the day using Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) approved chemicals. In addition to the typical cleaning, all common restrooms will be disinfected using electrostatic sprayers multiple times per day.

Will I be allowed to have guests on campus?
  • Spring: AIC hopes to ease restrictions during the spring semester to enhance the on-campus student experience. The guest policy will be reviewed regularly and updated as milestones in key indicators are reached and local/state regulations allow with the goal of allowing limited guests and visitors when safe to do so.
  • Fall: Residential students are not permitted to have guests in their residence hall until the College determines local and state data permits the safe easing of this restriction. This restriction includes, but is not limited to, family members, significant others, delivery drivers, admissions visitors, unauthorized vendors, non-essential staff, and all AIC students that are not assigned to the residence hall. Guest policy will be reviewed regularly and updated as milestones in key indicators are reached.
Will laundry facilities still be available?

Yes, laundry facilities will remain free and open to residents of the building with occupancy limits in place to promote physical distancing.

Can I move-in early?

Due to the COVID-19 safety procedures, early arrivals cannot be accommodated. Residence Life has provided early-drop off options and ample move-in dates for students to return to campus over a multi-day arrival period. If you have extenuating circumstances that cannot be accommodated by the available move-in process, please email

What will the dining options be this fall?

Both the Dining Commons and the Hive will be open when students move to campus. All food items will be individually packaged or served by a staff member and we plan to offer the same number of options for students within the dining facilities. We are also exploring options to allow students to pre-order from the Hive and pick it up as a take-out order.

Once I get my meal, where will I eat?

Students can choose to eat in the dining facility or take their food out of the facility to eat somewhere else on campus. There will be limited indoor seating in each area with expanded seating for dining purposes in other areas of the campus such as the Campus Center.

Financial Aid & Student Accounts

Will my tuition change based on reopening measures?

There is no change in tuition based on reopening measures.

I had originally planned to be a residential student, but now plan on taking classes remotely. Will my financial aid award package change?

If you change residency status, the total cost of attending AIC will change. Your financial aid is based on the total cost of attending AIC. Any change in this total cost may change your financial aid. If you have made changes to your housing and meal plan selection please reach out to the Financial Aid Office ( to discuss changes to your award package.


When will student athletes move in?

All sports teams will follow the student move-in process and move in at the time they reserve. Athletes will not return to campus early unless given written permission by Residence Life.

When will NCAA athletes begin competition?

Currently, the College, conference, and NCAA are planning for competition to be held in the spring semester.

Will recreation facilities be open to all students?

The Fitness Center will remain open following Massachusetts safety guidelines. This will result in a decreased capacity and operating hours to ensure appropriate distancing and ample time for cleaning the facility.

If the season is cut short in the spring, would I get a waiver?

This is a decision that will be made by the NCAA. At this time a final decision has not been made by the NCAA.

What about dual sport athletes?

You can attempt to participate in both as we will do our best to limit crossover especially with competition.  If may be best to speak with your coaches and determine the best plan for you.

How soon can we come together as a team?

You will start workouts as a team in small groups starting within the first couple weeks you arrive to campus.

What will the playoff structure be for the NE10 and NCAA?

That is still being determined but you can plan for a robust conference championship and the NCAA will be flexible to the needs of the membership providing as much as they normally can from a championship perspective.


When are employees being asked to return to campus?

There will be a phased in process for returning employees to campus.

I have a preexisting condition; will I be required to return to campus?

The college has a process in place to address these types of situations.  Please contact Debra Rico at to discuss your unique situation.

General Information

Will AIC be giving tours this fall?

Yes. AIC Admissions will begin providing tours to prospective students and their families in mid-August. Tours will be held by appointment only and will be limited to one family per visit, a maximum of 8 individuals.

Virtual meetings and tours will be available for students and families unable to comply with Health and Safety Protocols.

For further information regarding campus tours, please contact the Office of Admissions at 413-205-3201.

I am traveling from out of state, do I need to quarantine upon arrival?

AIC is currently following all travel visitor guidelines put in place by the State of Massachusetts.  For a guidance on visiting Massachusetts, please visit:

Please be advised, all visitors to AIC will need to show proof that they are in compliance with MA requirements upon arrival.

Will AIC be hosting admissions open houses this fall?

The Office of Admissions will host a variety of virtual information sessions and open houses this fall. For a full list of events, please visit

How can I report concerns and violations of the COVID-19 health and safety policies?
Please use THIS FORM to report any concerns you have regarding adherence to COVID-19 health and safety standards and violations of COVID-related policies.

Examples of items to report:

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