AIC Phonathon Program

In the Phonathon program at AIC, we are dedicated to a better tomorrow. We are a group of excited and hard-working students that build relationships with the AIC community. We are passionate about what we do and our honesty carries us to success.

PAT 810

Our mission is to establish relationships with alumni that are not always able to come back to campus. As a large, growing community, we have students and alumni from all over the world, and it’s our job to keep everyone involved and up-to-date on all of the great things happening at AIC. While connecting students and alumni, we are also able to increase our annual giving participation among alumni, parents, faculty, and friends.

Why is giving back important? For many reasons. For example, 100% of full-time, undergraduate students receive some form of financial assistance from AIC. This is helped made possible through generous annual giving participation. Plus, the more donors we have, the better we look in national rankings. It also increases our eligibility for contributions from corporations and foundations, who often make their funding decisions based on alumni participation rates.

We as student leaders and callers are committed to maintaining and improving the AIC experience not only us but also for alumni. We value the quality education that we receive here and we realize the life-long advantages that it provides. We are not only calling for your support but we are also calling to say thank you for all the great opportunities and experiences that current student receive.

We are one community with one goal and one day at a time we will fulfill all that we set out to do. We look forward to speaking with you!


Phonathon Student Leaders

Paige Preston ’18
Andrea Dillon ’17
Natalija Dordevic ’17

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For more information about the phonathon program or to request a call during our next calling session please contact Melanie Hentz, Phonathon and Student Engagement Coordinator, at 413.654.1454 or

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